Lily Allen misses being on stage


Lily Allen

Singer Lily Allen says she sometimes "misses being up on stage" but loves her new country life and is "knitting and making cushions".

The star, who is pregnant, moved into her countryside home in Cranham in Gloucestershire last year.

Speaking to the BBC she said: "When we got married, we came out of the church and two of the local people from the village had these little Lily and Sam characters knitted for us. I love it.

"I'm being taught how to knit. I'm so not rock 'n' roll any more. I'm embroidering too. I'm actually in the process of making cushions. I'm nesting I think."

She told cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on BBC 5 live: "When I go to gigs and stuff, I get a slight pang of envy and I think, 'Oh I do miss being up on that stage.'

"But I have other priorities at the moment."

New projects

The star says she hasn't given up music completely.

"I still write music for other people. I've just written a musical which will probably be on the stage next year. It's Bridget Jones the musical.

"I started doing what I did when I was 18 years old and it was very juvenile. I feel like that character is someone I can't go back to because so much has happened to me since.

"Maybe I'll be Lily Rose Cooper, the country artist."

An expectant Lily, who has previously suffered two miscarriages, said her pregnancy was "going well".