Lindsay Lohan sued for assault by former rehab worker


Lindsay Lohan

A rehab worker who was fired from the Betty Ford Centre in Los Angeles after an argument with Lindsay Lohan is suing the actress.

Lawyers for Dawn Bradley filed the lawsuit in California accusing the star of assault and battery.

She claims she was seriously injured during an argument with the 25-year-old in December and needs surgery on her wrist.

Steve Honig, a spokesman for Lohan, declined to comment on the case.

Dawn Bradley, who is also known by her married name of Dawn Holland, was fired from Betty Ford Centre after talking about the fight with Lohan on camera with a celebrity news website.

A probation report reveals that Bradley had been trying to give Lindsay Lohan a breathalyzer test after she missed curfew and was with two other girls who admitted drinking that night.

The actress was sent to LA's Betty Ford Centre for three months of treatment after failing a drug screening for cocaine and amphetamines.

House arrest

Meanwhile, a judge has told Lindsay Lohan that she has to spend more time doing community service.

She was warned that she had to finish 480 hours of community service by next April.

Lindsay Lohan's shoes
Image caption Lindsay Lohan dressed up for her latest court appearance in Los Angeles

The actress, best known for appearances in Mean Girls and TV series Ugly Betty, was released from house arrest last month.

She spent 35 days at her apartment for stealing a necklace last January and is now working at a shelter for women and LA's county morgue.

"She's not going to get five minutes more than one year to complete the service," superior court judge Stephanie Sautner said.

The actress was also told off for not providing officials with a phone number where she could be reached for monitoring.

The 25-year-old has completed one of four anti-shoplifting classes and has been given until 19 October to finish the rest.

The star was also ordered to find a new counsellor "within three weeks" after saying she couldn't afford to pay a psychiatrist who was previously treating her.

Lohan is also still on probation over a 2007 drink-drive case.