Your views: Phone hacking claims debated in parliament


Gemma Keywood and Nicole Blake

It's the story that has dominated headlines for nearly two weeks.

The phone hacking claims made against the News of the World have seen the newspaper shut down, top police officers resigning and two of the media world's most powerful men - Rupert and James Murdoch - questioned by MPs.

Prime Minister David Cameron has now cut short a trip in Africa to fly back to the UK (20 July) for an emergency parliamentary debate on the issue.

Newsbeat's been finding out if you think the story should still be main news.

Steve Toon (right), 26, and Billy Teg (left), 19

Billy Teg and Steve Toon

Steve said: "I haven't bought a paper today. I'm sick of hearing about it, it's important to some people but I think everyone's jumping on the bandwagon.

"The whole Milly Dowler claim was awful but now it's just getting out of hand.

"David Cameron coming back makes sense because of his link with Andy Coulson (former News of the World editor) but there are more important things he should be talking about."

Billy added: "I haven't bought a paper, haven't watched anything on it because it's just becoming too boring now. I just don't really have an opinion on it."

Jonathan Constable, 25

Jonathan Constable

Jonathan said: "I don't care at all. I don't know who the Murdochs are, sorry.

"It's about phone hacking but to be honest I'd only care if my phone was being hacked or if it was affecting my town.

"Other than that, don't want to know about it."

Nicole Blake (right), 28, and Gemma Keywood (left), 29

Gemma Keywood and Nicole Blake

Nicole said: "I think it definitely needs addressing.

"The whole thing has disturbed me, especially the claims of dead soldiers and Milly Dowler's phones being hacked into.

"I have been reading about it but I do think there is a time when the coverage should come to an end."

Gemma said: "It is overkill. There is other news we should be talking about, not just world issues but things here too.

"That's all being overlooked because we let one story takeover.

"Are journalists just dragging this out just for the sake of selling papers?"

Matthew Pellow, 23

Matthew Pellow

Matthew said: "It must be pretty important for the prime minister to come back for it, especially considering he hired Andy Coulson (former NOTW editor) as his PR man.

"But David Cameron should be focusing on national debt and the NHS.

"There are more important things than a newspaper scandal.

"It's boring now, it's old news, it's completely lost its touch."