Modern Warfare 3 creators go to court over web address


Screen shot of Modern Warfare 3

The publishers of Modern Warfare 3 have filed legal papers in America to try to get control of the domain name.

According to online reports Activision has complained to the National Arbitration Forum, an organisation that settles disputes over web addresses.

It's not known who currently administers the site.

That person is not a fan and describes the game as the most overhyped first-person action series of all-time.

Cool settings

Insults hurled at the latest chapter of the hugely successful, multi-billion pound Call of Duty franchise on the website are that MW3 is a "copy and paste experience that looks exactly like Modern Warfare 2".

Other criticisms are that the game, due out in the autumn, "ultimately... fails to live up to its massive hype train".

There are concessions that the game has some "cool settings such as Wall Street in New York City".

But one of the key reasons it's created such a row is because it then goes on to describe rival EA's forthcoming Battlefield 3 game as a "more satisfying gaming experience".

"Battlefield takes first-person shooter realism and action to the next level" and "delivers cutting-edge graphics and game play like no other console shooter," it states.

So far there's no comment from Activision.

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