Harry Potter fans queue for Deathly Hallows premiere


Christie Tross 17yrs old (L) and Vicky Wood 24yrs

Thousands of Harry Potter fans have descended on Trafalgar Square in London hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two has its international premiere in London tomorrow (7 July).

Many have been camped out overnight and there's still 24 hours to go until the cast show up.

Christie Tross told Newsbeat: "We're not allowed tents - it's either sleeping bags or the floor."

Her friend Vicky Wood said lots of people have brought tents but not been able to use them.

She said: "Security have come over straight away and said to take the tent down.

"I haven't slept yet for about 35 hours."

The rain hasn't made it easier.

Beryl Sage, 18, Croydon

Beryl Sage 18yrs (L) and Nicola Bruce 18yrs (R) from Croydon
Image caption Beryl Sage and Nicola Bruce from Croydon didn't get much sleep

Beryl Sage explained she hasn't been very comfortable since she arrived at Trafalgar Square.

"It's horrible! It's been the worst night of my life!" she said.

"It's been raining down so badly and we've had no tent.

"We've just been trying to sleep on cardboard."

Emily and Nic Holson, 19, Vancouver

Emily and Nic Holson, 19, Vancouver
Image caption Emily and Nic Holson have come a long way to meet the Potter cast

Nineteen-year-old sisters Emily and Nic Holson have come all the way from Vancouver.

"It's great to be with all the really geeky people," they said.

"There's a guy running around waving his Harry Potter wand at people and that's so cool.

"This is the only place in the world where that could happen and it not be weird."

Daisy England, 24, Derbyshire

Daisy England
Image caption Daisy England says she'll do almost anything for Harry Potter

Although there's been little sleep, and little cover from the rain, spirits are still high.

Daisy England travelled there from Derbyshire, although she told Newsbeat she needs a loo break.

She said: "There are no toilets. I need the toilet. I got here at 6am.

"We'll just have to hold on.. It's worth it. We'll do anything for Harry Potter!"