Modern Family star talks about show's third season


Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of the hit US comedy Modern Family, has told Newsbeat what he'd like to happen in the show's third season.

Ferguson plays Mitchell Pritchett in the mockumentary show which tells the story of an extended American family.

In the show, Mitchell and his partner Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) have adopted a Vietnamese baby called Lily.

But Ferguson revealed he hoped the pair might adopt another child in the forthcoming third season.

"There's talk that Cameron and Mitchell might extend their family, that'd be an interesting storyline should that happen," he said.

'A little afraid'

He also said he wanted Cameron to take part in a karaoke scene in future seasons, but revealed he hadn't yet seen any scripts.

"I'll see a script for the new series in probably a month," he said.

"We do so many episodes in a season so it's hard for the writers to continue to be creative and expand, but they have never yet disappointed us.

"We do have a little bit of say in terms of what happens, but they will always surprise us."

Ferguson went on to explain what it was like having a baby actor on set playing his daughter Lily.

"I think the babies may be a little afraid of the Hollywood scene, they sort of cling to us," he revealed.

"But I'm looking forward to the day she has some lines, or even a smile or a sound."

Season two of Modern Family is shown on Sky1 in the UK, with the third season now in production in the US.