My Chemical Romance respond to Glee critics in America


My Chemical Romance have hit back over criticism they received after one of their songs was used in a recent episode of Glee.

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck accused the show of spreading "propaganda" by using the New Jersey band's track Sing.

He urged parents to be wary about the song's message, adding it urged young people to "join us".

MCR's singer Gerard Way said: "It's stirred up what it needed to stir up - the fat cats in America."

The track is often interpreted as criticising big businesses with lyrics like: "Cleaned-up corporation progress / Dying in the process".

Band's defence

"We were very honest about why we did it," said Way explaining why they let the high school drama perform a version of their track.

"I think people understand now why we did it. It rubbed the right people the wrong way. We didn't care if anyone didn't get it.

"I kind of refuse to defend myself," he added.

Gerard's brother, bassist Mikey Way, said the band expected Glee's use of the song to provoke controversy.

"I feel like it was validation that we're doing something right," he said.

"If we're getting reaction from people like that we're doing something right."

The episode which featured the track was aired in the UK last month.