Made in Chelsea is not scripted says reality TV cast


Spencer, Binky, Ollie and Gabriella

If you're a fan of The Only Way is Essex but crave a more highbrow series then Made in Chelsea could be right up your street.

It's E4's new eight-part reality series which could be heading to the USA.

Spencer, Binky, Ollie and Gabriella popped into Newsbeat to talk about the show.


Made in Chelsea follows the lives and loves of a few of the socially elite 20 somethings who live in some of London's most exclusive postcodes.

There's Spencer, who's got a beautiful girlfriend called Funda, but is torn between her and the childhood sweetheart he never had.

It's a structured scene but what we say is real. We're not given stuff to say. We'll be put in a situation and the producers say go
Gabriella on claims the show is scripted

"We're only friends," he tells Newsbeat. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Others include Ollie, a nightclub promoter who hangs out with the rich and famous.

Or Binky who openly admits she has "blonde moments".

"I just don't think before I speak," she adds. There's plenty to laugh at in the stereotypical trappings of class, with lines such as, "Food? Chelsea girls don't eat" and "Topshop is definitely a turn-off".

At least half the male characters seem to be in love with Caggie, a beautiful aspiring singer.

Extremely Rich

Meanwhile, supercilious Amber is trying to flog her jewellery designs to the Chelsea set while also sneering at them behind their backs.

Girls on Made in Chelsea

There is also a long-haired male model, an exuberant nightclub promoter and a jealous Brazilian girlfriend with a designer dog the size of a rat.

At first glance the opening credits of the programme lead you to believe these guys are extremely rich, spoilt and over-privileged.

Once the show actually starts you may change your mind though.

The characters deal with everyday issues like managing their work, family, love and friendships like anyone else. In their case though they deal with them on top of incredibly packed social lives.

Spencer said: "We don't go round to nightclubs rolling in Rolls-Royces and it's not something to be disgusted by, it's inspirational.

"I'm actually a broker and go to work at 6.30am every day."

Normal people

According to the narrator, the truth is more fabulous than fiction in Chelsea, so is it scripted?

Ollie dismisses that claim: "No it's not like that, it's all of our real lives. The producers might say, 'Meet at that point' but everything you see on camera and the situations, everything like that is real."

Gabriella added: "It's a structured scene but what we say is real. We're not given stuff to say. We'll be put in a situation and the producers say go."

As for public perception the cast members say they are just like normal people.

Gabriella said: "It does look like we have the most glamorous lifestyles in the world and part of it is very glamorous.

"But at the same time we have the same lives as everybody else. We have exactly the same problems and the same dramas. It's all there. I hope people love us for that."

Made in Chelsea is on Mondays, E4 at 10pm.