US celebrates Osama Bin Laden's killing in Pakistan


Osama Bin Laden

Across America there have been celebrations after the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The al-Qaeda leader was shot after being tracked down to a hideout a few hours outside Pakistani capital Islamabad.

President Barack Obama watched live at the White House as Navy Seals moved in to the house in the city of Abbottabad.

Bin Laden was America's most wanted man but escaped detection for years.

Most wanted man in the world

Osama Bin Laden was believed to have masterminded the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in 2001.

It's also thought he was behind the 7 July attacks on London in 2005.

When news of his death broke, there were celebrations on the streets of New York and Washington.

Barack Obama and his team
Image caption Barack Obama (second left) and his team watch the raid in real time

Bill Cortese served in the US Marine Corps and was at Ground Zero.

He said: "I lost a couple of family members here at 9/11 so when we heard what happened there was obviously some jubilation but a lot of closure too."

Amber Bunn was also there.

She's 16 and said: "I'm here because Bin Laden has been killed.

"Everybody's all excited 'cos he was the one who started the fighting.

"Now with his death, all the families who lost lives can put things to rest.

"They will never be able to get the lives back but it will bring them a little happiness I believe."

The view from Ground Zero

Andrew Marsteller

Andrew Marsteller is 26 and a coastguard from Staten Island.

He said: "I don't think it really changes anything on the ground.

"It just makes us feel better. There will be others. The fight's not over. There's just one less guy in it."

Ashley Harshall

Ashley Harshall is 20 and said: "I wanted to come and pay my respects and celebrate.

"You feel like you're free now again. I feel bad saying I'm happy someone's dead but I am."

On the war in Afghanistan, she added: "One man doesn't change the war. There's still work to be done over there."

Anthony Watkins

Anthony Watkins is 25 and said: "There's always threats against America, and America's never quit before.

"We'll just keep fighting until we can't fight any longer."