Westwood in Radio 1 and 1Xtra Camp Bastion broadcast


Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood is set to broadcast his BBC Radio 1Xtra show live from Camp Bastion, the main base for British troops in Afghanistan, for five days from Monday 30 May.

Westwood's show will be simulcast from the base, linking live with the BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) Radio studio in Afghanistan, across the UK and to British Forces in more than twenty countries.

The announcement follows the success of last year's BFBS Day on BBC Radio 1 which saw the station team up with BFBS for a special day of broadcasting, including a special edition of Newsbeat on the Afghanistan conflict.

Westwood's first live broadcast will air from 4pm-7pm on Radio 1, 1Xtra and BFBS Radio on 30 May.

The shows are going to be great and I hope they will make a difference
Tim Westwood

From Tuesday 31 May to Friday 3 June, his show will be simulcast across 1Xtra and BFBS Radio from 4pm-7pm and on Radio 1 for the last hour.

Westwood said: "I really can't wait to go out to Camp Bastion to show some love and appreciation for the difficult job our troops are doing and the extreme sacrifices they are making.

"The shows are going to be great and I hope they will make a difference."

Ben Cooper, Deputy Controller, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, added: "My ambition is that BBC Radio 1Xtra will reflect what it feels like to be a young person living and working in Camp Bastion.

"Last year's BFBS Day was a significant moment in Radio 1's history, and I'm confident that this year's broadcasts will build on those relationships between the BBC, BFBS, the people we meet and their families."

In July 2010 Radio 1 and BFBS Radio were honoured at the inaugural Royal British Legion (RBL) Friends of the Forces Awards in recognition of their collaboration.

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