PlayStation Move loses out to Xbox Kinect


Move controller

PlayStation has shipped more than eight million units of its new Move controller since last September, figures show.

That's at least two million fewer than rival Microsoft's Xbox Kinect, despite the fact that it's been on sale two months longer.

The figures, released by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, also show that 50 million PS3s have been sold.

These numbers would seem to prove the longevity of the console, given that it's nearly five years old.

'New world'

Any hopes of a PS4 release in the near future appear to have been dashed though.

Sony figures

    • 8m Moves sold since September 2010
    • 50m PS3s sold since November 2006
    • 75m PSN users
    • 2128 PS3 games
    • 480m total game sales

A spokesperson said: "SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) will continue to further expand the PS3 Platform and create a new world of computer entertainment."

Bosses at the Japanese technology giant won't be happy with the Move losing out to Kinect.

Last month that was officially declared as the fastest selling gadget on record by the Guinness Book of World Records.

These latest figures seem to only strengthen the Kinect's dominant position in this latest round of console wars.

But PlayStation's live online offering, PlayStation Network, is performing well.

The free service has got more than 75 million registered members in 59 countries around the world.

Xbox Live charges a monthly subscription for its service.

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