Artists support Record Store Day with one-off releases


Record shop

Some of the world's biggest artists will be trying to get people back into buying music in shops as part of Record Store Day tomorrow [16 April].

One-off releases from hundreds of bands and musicians will be stocked in independent shops.

Lady Gaga is releasing a special version of Born This Way, Foo Fighters have done a covers album and there's an official song by The View.

Adele, Kings Of Leon and Mumford & Sons are also all taking part.

This is the third year the initiative has run, having started in the US in 2008.

It's sad really because music is becoming more and more disposable and I think that's a shame
Professor Green

Professor Green, who's also involved, says buying music online isn't the same as going into a record shop.

"[CDs have] got something that you can't get from an MP3. It's sad really because music is becoming more and more disposable and I think that's a shame.

"There are so many record shops closing. I remember as a kid being able to go out and buy a CD pretty much anywhere."

'Keeping it real'

The most recent figures from last year show a 12% drop in physical music sales, with online downloads not expanding quickly enough to make up the difference.

High street company Zavvi was forced to close all its stores in 2009 and Woolworths went bust months earlier in 2008.

HMV has also warned it is not making as much money as it thought.

Florence Van Camerijk
Image caption Florence says people queue up from the early hours for Record Store Day

Florence Van Camerijk, from Sister Ray record store in Soho, is hoping the day will encourage people to explore their local store rather than buying online.

She says the experience is "more real" and gives music fans the best opportunity to discover new music.

"If you're browsing you're more likely to just pick something up because it looks interesting or it's on a label you've heard of before.

Previous events have been a big hit at her central London shop.

"People start queuing at ridiculous hours - maybe even the night before," she says.

"They arrive at three in the morning just to get their hands on that seven inch that they really want.

"Pretty chaotic, but good because they really love the music."

Artwork love

My Chemical Romance are another of the artists supporting Record Store Day.

Record Store Day logo
Image caption Record Store Day features 252 exclusive releases by musicians like Lady Gaga and Foo Fighters

The rock band are releasing a limited edition picture disc of their song, Na Na Na.

Singer Gerard Way says he's a big fan of vinyl: "We love doing seven inches. It's a long time since we've done one, so it's just a treat."

Bassist Mikey Way told Newsbeat he appreciates the larger artwork that goes along with most record releases.

"I'll usually buy the 12 inch because I like the cover really big and I'll put it into a frame when I'm done listening to it," he said.

One hundred and eighty UK record stores are taking part in the event, and many more in America, with 252 exclusive releases in all.

There will also be free performances in some locations.