Cage The Elephant didn't feel pressure making new album


Matt Shultz

American rockers Cage the Elephant have told Newsbeat they feel "blessed" about their new album's success in the US.

Singer Matt Shultz and his guitarist brother Brad said they hoped quicker sales would avoid the "gruelling ride" they had with their debut record.

The Kentucky band's second album Thank You, Happy Birthday was released in the UK last week, after debuting at two in the US Billboard charts in January.

Matt told Newsbeat the band hadn't felt any extra pressure making the LP.

"I don't think we found it difficult," he said. "It wasn't like the 'sophomore slump' to have more hits or whatever.

Early success

"It was more internal pressure not to repeat ourselves. We were working on about 50 different song ideas," he explained.

"At first we were forcing a lot of stuff. We were writing to cater towards what we thought we should sound like."

His brother Brad, who is rhythm guitarist in the band, said the early success of the second album was a relief.

He said: "We've been pretty blessed to see things take off pretty quickly in the States with this record.

"The last one was a gruelling ride."

The band also revealed they had named an album track after the city of Aberdeen in Scotland.

"We played there, then we were working on the song back in London and for some reason I just sang that," Brad said.

The band are due to play the NME/Radio 1 stage at the Reading and Leeds festivals this summer.