Charlie Sheen kisses US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel


Charlie Sheen and Jimmy Kimmel

Charlie Sheen has gatecrashed a live talk show in Los Angeles, kissing host Jimmy Kimmel on the lips and interrupting an interview.

The actor walked onto the set while sports boss Mark Cuban was talking about working with the star.

Sheen, 45, then took a seat between Mark Cuban and Jimmy Kimmel and brought out a bag of branded T-shirts, which he threw to the audience.

The star was sacked from TV show Two and a Half Men earlier this month.

Warner Bros Television said it had acted after "careful consideration".

Work on the series stopped in January after Charlie Sheen, America's highest paid TV actor, entered rehabilitation for reported drug and alcohol abuse.


After gatecrashing Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, Charlie Sheen gave Mark Cuban his own T-shirt with a headshot of himself above the word "winning".

He gave the late night TV host a different one with a picture of a kitten above the words, "I have tiger's blood in me".

Charlie Sheen
Image caption Sheen signed a CD by US musician Brett Dennen and gave it away

Sheen then gave Jimmy Kimmel a mug with two pictures of a fox on it, apparently cut out from a piece of paper and taped on.

"It's a mug," Sheen told Kimmel. "It's got a fox on it."

When Kimmel asked Sheen for more of an explanation, the actor replied: "I'll let you figure it out my man."

Mark Cuban was about to talk about a new reality show project he and Charlie Sheen have reportedly been working on when the actor appeared.

The actor has filed a $100m (£61m) legal action against the makers of Two and a Half Men after being fired from the sitcom.

Speaking to ABC News last month, the star said he planned to sue the show's makers.

He also laughed off questions about his mental health, saying: "I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-winning."

Since joining Twitter last month, Charlie Sheen has gained more than three million followers.