The Strokes back for 'new era' with release of song


The Strokes

The Strokes have released their first piece of new music for five years and said it marked a new era for the band.

Under Cover Of Darkness, a free download from their new album, has been made available to fans.

When it was released at 7.35pm on 9 February demand immediately crashed their official website.

When asked if he felt the band had entered a new era guitarist Albert Hammond said: "I would be completely shocked if it wasn't."

'More' music

Speaking to Radio 1's Zane Lowe he added: "I see us completely making music together. I see us doing a world tour in balance with a new record. We're going to tour."

In the interview the guitarist explained that the five-year break since the release of their last album First Impressions Of Earth in 2006 has made the indie-rockers appreciate the band much more.

"Like you have no idea," said Hammond.

"All of that, if anything, gave you perspective on what I find so beautiful about The Strokes.

"It really is something bigger than one person - a combination of things which couldn't happen without us.

"I would say even more so. I was playing the new album to a friend this morning and they said, 'It makes me want to dance'."

The fivesome's forthcoming fourth album Angles is released on 22 March.