Max Beesley set for launch of new show Mad Dogs on Sky


Mad Dogs

Hotel Babylon star Max Beesley is to return to screens in Mad Dogs, a new murder drama on Sky1.

The Manchester actor plays Woody, a forty-something celebrating a friend's retirement on holiday in the Balearic island of Mallorca.

But the trip quickly turns nasty, as the group of pals get framed for a murder they didn't commit.

They end up trapped on the island and caught between the police and local mobsters.

Beesley said the show, which also stars Life on Mars' John Simm, starts off slowly, before a shock ending to the first episode.

'Extremely violent'

He said: "Basically it's about four chaps who get invited out to Spain to see a friend of ours from college played by Ben Chaplin.

Mad Dogs
Image caption The group get into serious trouble with local mobsters and police

"We've not seen each other for a few years and we've all gone off to do our own things.

"We meet up with Ben's character who's become extremely affluent.

"He has a huge gaff and it's quite ambiguous as to where his money has come from.

"But at the end of the night we encounter an extremely violent act and that's the end of episode one."

Beesley also revealed that he's recently done some work for hit US crime drama CSI.

"I got my green card, which I've been waiting for for about three years," he revealed. "[I] went and did a little CSI which was nice with Laurence Fishburne he's a very, very nice man.

"It was nice to break the duck in the mind of the last year and a half because it's been very difficult to get work in America, it's a hard game."

Mad Dogs starts on Sky1 HD on Thursday 10 February.