Rihanna's S&M video is proving too raunchy for some


Image caption Rihanna will play a UK arena tour in 2010

The video for Rihanna's new track S&M is facing restrictions on video-sharing website YouTube.

The site has flagged it as inappropriate for people aged under 18 years old.

Rihanna's US label Def Jam won't confirm that it has been banned in any country.

However, there are reports it's been pulled in some places, mainly Asian countries, and MTV has decided it won't play the video until after 10pm.

The song itself has already caused some controversy with lyrics like: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me."

Raunchy outfits

The video features Rihanna in tight and revealing leather and PVC outfits.

She whips people and gets tied up.

She also eats a banana in a particularly suggestive way.

Last time Rihanna was in the UK, Newsbeat asked her about some of her more raunchy outfits.

She said she wore them to get over being self-conscious and that now she thinks, "just go for it, what's the worst can happen kind of thing".

She added that she's now "pretty solid with my body and whatever I'm uncomfortable with in my body, I just accept it for what it is".