Yeates murder: Views from Bristol


Jo Yeates' house

As detectives in Bristol continue to hunt Jo Yeates' killer, Newsbeat has been talking to women who work in the area.

The 25-year-old's body was found on a country lane by two dog walkers on Christmas Day. She had been strangled.

Newsbeat's Adina Campbell spoke to women in Clifton to find out if they feel safe, and hear what they think of the police investigation so far.

In pictures: Retracing Jo Yeates' last steps

Sam, 19, part-time nightclub worker

Image caption Sam reckons the police in Bristol are doing all they can

"You always hear about stuff like this happening but when it's close to you it's really terrifying," Sam said.

"My mum is over-protective as it is, so now she's really worried about me going out, especially when I go to work at the nightclub. She gets really paranoid and often calls me five times a day to check I'm OK," she added.

"It's hard for police to try and keep track of what happened to Jo. They're using all the resources they can to work out who killed her."

Jamie, 24, shop attendant

Image caption Jamie works across the road from the Waitrose where Jo was seen on CCTV

"I'm feeling a little bit insecure walking around Bristol at night, we haven't had information from the police about whether it's safe or not," Jamie said.

"The shop I work in is across the road from Waitrose where Jo was last seen on CCTV footage," she continued.

She also said police could be doing more to help.

"All the girls in the shop are taking extra precautions and getting taxis home. I now try to park as near as possible to the shop so I don't have to walk alone.

"I think police should be doing more, especially as it's mostly women who work in retail shops like this," she said.

What's happening now

Police are still trying to track down the grey sock Jo was missing when her body was found and drains are being searched near to the flat she lived in with her boyfriend in Clifton.

They have also started a number of online campaigns to try and get information about the case.

A Facebook advert has had more than a million hits and CCTV footage uploaded to YouTube has had 120,000 views.

Police have asked for patience as they hunt Jo's killer, saying the search "will take time".