The Apprentice: Sugar says Stuart Baggs should 'deploy brain'


Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar thinks dismissed Apprentice contestant Stuart Baggs needs to "deploy his brain and shut the mouth down".

Speaking to Newsbeat, Lord Sugar also dismissed claims that he was not invited to the finale because of his behaviour on the show.

"I'm sorry he [Baggs] reads it that way but obviously we can't invite 16 of the candidates back," Sugar said.

He added that Baggs would enjoy success, but needed to grow up first.

"He's just very very young. Lots of people say and do things irresponsibly when they're young, then they get a bit older and wiser," Lord Sugar said.

"He'll look back in years to come and cringe," he continued.

Deploy the brain, and shut the mouth down
Lord Alan Sugar on Stuart Baggs

"I've spoken to him and said what he should do is deploy the brain and shut the mouth down a bit, and I think he will do," Sugar added.

Sugar also ruled out any possibility of working with any contestants who were dismissed from the show.

'First impressions'

"There are occasions where you do have to let good people go but there's never been a case where I say, 'Come and work for me'," he revealed.

And with just two contestants left, Sugar admitted he's never able to guess who'll succeed, and who'll be fired.

"Funnily enough your first impressions of people can be good and you think, 'They're very good', but as the weeks go by they're not that good.

"And completely the other way around, sometimes you see someone and think, 'They're not very good', and then they start to blossom as time goes on," the business supremo said.

"But I don't have favourites. This is a business programme, it's about who has the credentials to work for me, and as always, the final will be a testing task," he added.

The Apprentice final is on BBC1 on Sunday 19 December at 2100 GMT.