Revealed: 'My body makes money'


From naked butlers to escorts, and celebrity glamour models to adult TV stars, the BBC Two show Revealed Extra has met the young people using their bodies to make money.

In his journey into Britain's sex industry, presenter Anthony Baxter asks those he meets if cash is the main reason they're happy to get their kit off.

My journey starts in Bristol with students Ben and Alex, both 21 who say their Saturday job is "cheekier" than most.

"It's a dream job. We get paid to go to parties," says Ben.

Ben and Alex
Image caption 'Butlers in the buff' Ben and Alex are in for the money

We head to a party where the boys have been booked for a few hours.

They make their big entrance wearing nothing but a tiny apron, bow tie, and cuffs. They're butlers in the buff.

"In my first year I worked in a bar," says Alex.

"In order to earn 50 quid, I'd have to work 10 hours. Now I can do that in two hours at the weekend."

The boys say they love the attention, but admit it's all about the money.

Topless on TV

Next, I go to meet twins Preeti and Priya, who work for Babestation - one of the UK's biggest adult TV channels.

The girls take calls from viewers while they are topless and say it's their choice of career.

"We both left school with good grades. We had a lot of possibilities open to us," says Preeti.

They say job satisfaction is the main reason they chose to work in the sex industry over other careers but admit there's a potential to earn a lot of money.

"If you work hard you could be earning up to a hundred grand a year.

"But don't think, 'I've never done this job before and I'll walk in and they'll say that's your salary', it doesn't work like that."

Someone who has used her body to become rich and famous is glamour model Keeley Hazell.

However, she says going topless isn't always the best way to achieve her kind of success.

"I was lucky to be in that 1% of people that get that, and become really successful."

Keeley believes people who want to go into glamour should ask themselves why: "If it's for money, then I'd probably play the lottery."

'Not prostitution'

I end my journey by meeting a former teenage escort who worked under the name 'Hannah'.

Aged 18, she was preparing to go to university and owed her family and friends £4,000.

A friend suggested escorting as a quick solution to her debt.

"An overnight stay would cost £800," she says.

Hannah doesn't consider what she did as prostitution because she didn't stand on street corners.

Although she misses the money, she stopped because she became obsessed about catching STIs and couldn't cope with the nightmares she was having.

"I don't feel like I degraded myself in the sense of my naked body being plastered up on a billboard saying, 'Call this number for good times.'

"But I did degrade myself in that my body was no longer just for people who loved me."

Revealed Extra: 'My body's made me money' is on BBC Two on 11 December at 2.05pm.