More 'new' Michael Jackson music planned says producer


Michael Jackson

More previously unheard material from Michael Jackson is to be released, one of his producers has confirmed.

Teddy Riley, who completed three tracks on Jackson's forthcoming album Michael, said: "I look forward to doing the next one and I'm glad I'm on board."

Michael, out on 13 December, contains 10 tracks, the first 'new' material since the star's death in 2009.

The build-up has been marred by arguments over the authenticity of Jackson's vocals.

'Bad character'

Riley, a founding member of group Blackstreet, used vocals recorded by Jackson to finish a handful of tracks including Hollywood Tonight, Monster and Breaking News.

"We will not do anything with bad character and it will be him," he said of his future involvement with Jackson material.

"It's not about the money it's about making sure everything is right."

The producer, who worked on Jackson's 1991 album Dangerous, also defended claims from Jackson's nephews saying that the vocals sounded "fake" on the new material by saying, "no one could ever duplicate Michael".

Teddy Riley
Image caption Teddy Riley [left] produced three tracks on 'new' Jackson album Michael

"He had different textures of voices," he said. "These particular vocals were how he felt when he worked with the Casios [keyboards].

"Different styles and different places of Michael. Truthfully, I love my songs.

"It's what he [Jackson] would have expected us to do. If he was here he would have pushed us even more. It's an incredible record.

"The family reap the benefits from this."

The album features guest appearances from other artists including Akon, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

Black Eyed Peas', who also worked on material with Jackson which doesn't appear on Michael, has criticised the release calling it "disrespectful".

However, Akon who guests on single Hold My Hand, has defended the release saying it is "keeping his legacy alive".

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