Dappy from N-Dubz regrets reality television show


Dappy from N-Dubz says he regrets the band's fly on the wall TV series saying it took away the "mystique" around the pop trio.

Speaking to Newsbeat the rapper said: "We've given everything to everyone. They can see everything we do so what have they got to buy into any more?"

The documentary series, which followed the band around, was aired earlier this year on Channel 4.

The band are filming a Christmas special that will be shown in December.

Dappy's view

"Being N-Dubz before was just strictly promotion for our album and our music," said Dappy.

"People seem to think, 'TV reality shows, ah great' but I think that's for people who've got a career but it's slowly fading - whether it's music or whatever - and they just want to keep up their profile one last time by going on a TV reality show.

Image caption N-Dubz's Dappy says he regrets the band's fly on the wall TV series

"That's not for us. On the Christmas show, what it's going to be is mainly about the music and how musically talented and clever we are."

Meanwhile, the band has completed work on their forthcoming third album Love.Live.Life released at the end of November.

The band signed a deal with US label Roc Nation earlier this year and the record was recorded mostly in the States.

They admit, after winning Mobo awards and scoring number one singles in the UK over the past couple of years, that they've concentrating on the US this time.

Dappy said Def Jam boss LA Reid had grand plans for the group after meeting them following their signing.

"He said, 'You lot are the closest thing to the Black Eyed Peas and in the next two years I want you to be bigger. I want you to sell loads of records like those guys. You're the new era of Black Eyed Peas.'"

"We're going to make sure it's ready to fly, ready, smashing, massive that is going to gain us a massive American fan base and sell us albums all around the world.

"Then we'll come back to the UK and say, 'Yeah' and put up the middle fingers to those who never believed in us back in the day."

N-Dubz album Love.Live.Life is released on 29 November.