Hurts on X Factor connection


Hurts' Theo Hutchcraft

Hurts' lead singer Theo Hutchcraft has a problem. Hurts are a duo. But last night (November 17) Theo had to play solo at the MENCAP Little Noise sessions in London organised by Radio 1's Jo Whiley.

Adam Anderson, the other half of the group, was laid up in bed suffering with a back problem.

He did it in lifting a piano.

Theo filled us in: "We're a man down and when you're a duo that's a fairly big problem.

"Adam has really hurt himself. He's been bed-ridden for days. We've been waiting for this moment to play these songs with strings."

Bambi award

Hurt's debut album went top ten when it was released in the UK earlier in this year. But they're doing well on mainland Europe too.

"Germany is the biggest territory for us in the world," said Hutchcraft. "The single has been number two for ten weeks."

"We got a Bambi award last week, which is like an Oscar in Germany - Sarah Jessica Parker gave us this award.

"We've been asked to do Ukrainian X Factor on Christmas day. We did German X Factor.

"We got asked to do Polish Dancing on Ice in a few weeks."

They're loving it, but it sounds like there can be a little pressure: "Every time we get on a plane we don't know what we're letting ourselves in for."

X Factor

Kylie Minogue
Image caption Kylie Minogue guests on Hurts' track Devotion on their debut album

As for those rumours that they're helping Dannii Minogue choose the songs for her contestants on X Factor, we got a simple answer:



"I've spoke to her quite a lot.

"We were a big Aiden fan - rest in peace - it has been nice to talk."

In fact Theo thinks Aiden was badly treated: "They shouldn't have given Aiden Rocket Man because he wouldn't release a song like Rocket Man.

"He would release a song like Nothing Compares To You."

Theo reckons it's a bad as the idea of getting him to sing Pussycat Dolls. But he has got plenty of time for X Factor.

The boys hooked up with Dannii after Kylie guested on the Hurts track Devotion and they've now been to the X Factor studios.

"It's so tense it gave me heart palpitations."

And as for the contestants:

"They're right up there and they're just teetering on the edge, like on the top of a broom stick. When it goes, it goes, but that's exciting. "