Harry Potter museum to open to public in Hertfordshire


Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe
Image caption Harry Potter museum to be added to new Leavesden studios in Hertfordshire

Plans for a Harry Potter museum where fans can interact with the sets and costumes have been announced.

It will be part of the soon to be newly refurbished Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire with the complex due to open in 2012.

Warner Bros have announced a £100 million rebuilding and expansion programme of the 170-acre plot.

It will create a permanent UK film production base for the American company.

It is also thought it will be the largest film studio outside of Hollywood.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said: "We have an amazing resource in this country, which is tens of thousands of incredibly talented film technicians, film makers, writers, actors.

"And now Warner Bros, helping to give the British film industry the third major studio it's always wanted, has done a huge amount to release all that talent into the world. It's fantastic."

'Good story'

The President of Warner Bros UK, Josh Berger said: "Right now, the film industry is not suffering the same way that the overall economy is. There are definitely some troubled spots.

"But for us, the UK and film has been a very good story, because we've made the whole Harry Potter series here, which is the biggest film franchise in the world, in movie history.

We've had a great experience making big budget movies
Josh Berger
President and MD of Warner Bros UK

"And we've made a lot of other films here that have been very successful. We've had a great experience making big budget movies.

"It's great news for employment, it's great news for investment and it's great news for the overall British film industry."

The new site is expected to be a world leader in visual effects, prosthetics (changing an actors shape and/or appearance), animatronics (the use of electronics and robotics in mechanised puppets) and film editing.

There will also be an expansion of the external filming and production areas.

Recent film productions at the studios include the Dark Knight, Inception and Sweeny Todd.