Your Views: Super fast broadband


Virgin Media is promising up to 100 megabits per second speeds, twice as fast as the best currently available.

According to the company the new service is capable of downloading an entire music album in five seconds and a television show in 30.

It will only cover about two thirds of homes in the UK meaning millions will miss out, mainly in rural areas.

BT says Virgin Media is playing catch up as it's planning to offer super fast broadband to 50% of the UK by 2012.

Parts of south-east England, London and Yorkshire will be able to get the Virgin service from December this year.

People in Chelmsford will be among the first in the UK to have the option to sign up. It will cost £45 per month.

Jake, 17


"It's good, yeah, it's worth it.

"I use my broadband for watching BBC iPlayer and downloading things off iTunes.

"It [100 megabits per second] would save a lot of time, you could download a lot more albums instead of waiting for however long just for one of them."

David, 18


"I could see some people would need need it, like people who do major, major downloading.

"But for the average people probably not.

"100 meg would be too much for me.

"Obviously that'd be good but I wouldn't download that much."

Yasmine, 19


"I guess it is good value for money, especially if it's 90 seconds for a one and half hour film, that's pretty good.

"I might take it up because I don't have time to watch TV all the time and BBC iPlayer is something you can watch anytime anywhere and the faster the better."

Charlotte, 17


"If you're just say a small family it's probably not essential. I would get it because I do download films now and again.

"It would be really really useful to have 100 meg because you wouldn't have to wait around for half an hour."