Take That to avoid JLS album chart battle


Take That

Take That have revealed they have brought forward the release of their album, which means they avoid a chart battle with JLS.

Gary Barlow told Radio 1's Scott Mills they are changing the release of their single The Flood and album Progress, due to demand.

He said they had "massive" pre-orders for their album, the first one with Robbie Williams for 15 years.

"We've also never seen one of our singles played so much.

"We're pulling all our release dates forward. The single's now out on 7 (November) and the album's now the 15th."

Progress had been scheduled for release on 22 November, which would have set them up for chart battle with their younger boyband rivals JLS.

Barlow admitted they only decided on the changes yesterday (26 October) but it seems it was news to Williams.

He chipped in: "Oh wow the album's come forward too. Wow go on us," when Barlow revealed the date change.

Glastonbury rumour

The band announced a 2011 stadium tour this week but they killed off rumours of an appearance at Glastonbury.

They had the weekend of the festival free in their tour schedule but Williams was quick put the record straight.

He said: "It's definitely not happening, because it's muddy and wet."

Take That
Image caption Take That met fans outside Radio 1 who had waited all night

Mark Owen had a more in-depth reason: "As we have a big production I don't think we could put our stage in there. So I don't think it's possible."

He did offer fans a hint of hope: "Who knows if we're having a good time we might get on the bus and go down."

But Williams and Barlow were quick to put a stop to that idea: "We know Mark, we're not."

Owen persisted suggesting taking a caravan down to watch other bands.

Williams and Barlow responded with: "Have a good time Mark. Knock yourself out."

Tour details

As for their tour Robbie Williams said it would have sections with him performing on his own, Take That as a four piece and then all five of them together.

He also revealed he was keen to sing on Take That songs that were hits when he wasn't part of the band: "I need to discuss that with the lads but I'd like to."

He turned to them directly: "I do want to do some of the tunes from the last few years please?"

They all said yes immediately.

Watch Scott Mills interviewing Take That on Radio 1