Tulisa from N-Dubz plays down Cheryl Cole studio talk


Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa from N-Dubz says she's not planning to work with Cheryl Cole.

The singer, who will this week take to the stage with Dappy and Fazer at the Mobos, told Newsbeat: "Everybody's been asking me all day. It's not true."

She does admit that if she was asked to, she might, but says she can't see N-Dubz teaming up with Cheryl Cole.

She said: "I'm realistic her label would not want her to work with N-Dubz but if she turned around and wanted us on a record of course we would."

Tulisa spoke to Newsbeat as she helped back a campaign to help bridge the generation gap.

Tough time

She said she wanted to use her fame to help others because: "I had a tough time growing up."

Tulisa's got involved with the people behind whydo.co.uk.

I just want to take N-Dubz to the peak and milk the fat cow to get as much out of it as I can
Tulisa on the future

The project is aimed at increasing understanding between adults and young people.

Tulisa thinks everyone just needs to talk to each other.

She said: "Half the time when I was growing up if an adult come up to me and said what are you doing and how are you feeling at the moment, I would have been lost for words and probably stopped misbehaving.

"That's just one of the smaller examples of why I think it's important to break down the communication gaps between young and old."

Tulisa says she has a long term plan.

For now it's about making money: "For me I'm being 100% honest," she said. "I just want to take N-Dubz to the peak and milk the fat cow to get as much out of it as I can."

But then it gets serious. She's passionate about giving back and one day wants to leave N-Dubz to open her own chain of recording studios for young people.

That moment will have to wait though. She admits she can only do it: " When I feel like I've had enough and made enough cash to be set up for Life."

N-Dubz new single Best Behaviour is out now.