Duffy unveils new 'hip hop' album



Duffy says she's tapped into some hip hop influences for her second album, Endlessly, released in November.

The 26-year-old says she needed to slow the pace of her career in order to write the record.

The singer, from Nefyn in north-west Wales, moved to New York last year.

She says she's been working with The Roots and acclaimed music writer, Albert Hammond Snr, who's also the father of The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jnr.

'Really proud'

First single, Well Well Well is out on 21 November with Duffy saying it's a great mixture of sounds.

"I recorded this with lots of different people and a few different locations, two of which I am really proud of.

"The Roots, who are America's finest in hip hop music and Albert Hammond, who is an amazing songwriter. It's a kind of a combination of different worlds there."

Duffy's debut album, Rockferry, was the biggest selling album in the UK in 2008.

I really did have to go and do it. And I quite like the fact that I packed my bags and went to New York

It sold 6.5 million copies globally, and the singer picked up three Brit awards and a Grammy award.

But when it came to writing this album, was there more pressure or was it like a worn cushion?

"A cushion, I like that," she admits. "I've never thought about it as a cushion. I guess I haven't really given it too much thought.

"The mind is sometimes an unhealthy tool to put into anything creative. And for me, I just thought, 'Nothing's changed, I still love music'.

"I want to make people move this time on this record.

"I played so many live shows that I wanted to feel that we could have a really uptempo gig.

"So for me I've done nothing but possibly improve, and really know where it is I want to put myself."

Duffy's acting debut

As well as working on her second album, Duffy has been busy filming her acting debut as a seductive student.

Image caption Duffy rose to fame after appearing on Welsh talent show Wawffactor

Patagonia also features Matthew Rhys, who played Dylan Thomas in The Edge of Love and is in US series Brothers and Sisters on Channel 4.

"I think it's important to have a pace, isn't it? You know, you can't constantly be driving 70mph.

"And so for me, I kind of looked at everything and thought, 'Right OK. I've gone around the world 100 times, so what's important to me?' And I still have the same priorities.

"It was still firmly at the forefront of my mind and it was about my constant sort of perfectionist qualities towards making music really.

"In order to make music, I really did have to go and do it.

"I quite like the fact that I packed my bags and went to New York because that really feels like you go and do something that you're passionate about."

Endlessly is due out 29 November.