PlayStation Move controller put to the test


For Nintendo the future of gaming is 3D with its handheld 3DS console, while Xbox is pinning its hopes on body scanning motion sensors with Kinect.

PlayStation however is betting its money on the Move controller, a device bosses claim will give gamers an entirely new experience.

All three are released this autumn and with the video game industry worth billions of pounds there's a lot of pressure to come out on top.

It's gamers like Ivan Anderson, 21 and from Milton Keynes, that Sony is hoping to win over.

"It's lived up far, far beyond the hype," he told Newsbeat.

"You have to use the controllers like it's actually real life. That's what's made me amazed."

'New experience'

The Move is a wireless hand-held controller, a bit like a Wii but more accurate thanks, in part, to a motion tracking camera.

PlayStation's Jonathan Fargher said: "The move controller is incredibly accurate.

"Essentially it allows people to step into games and brings them a whole new experience.

"Everything from sports games to fighting games to shooting games."

But Haocheng Pan, 19, from Brighton, isn't quite as convinced the technology will measure up against one of its rivals.

"You have to have the physical controllers in your hands, whereas the Xbox Kinect doesn't need that."

The Move costs £50 for a starter pack, which comes with one controller, and if you want a second one that will set you back another £35.

Xbox's Kinect and Nintendo's 3DS hand-held console will provide tough competition for the PlayStation Move.

But as it hit the shops first last month it has a significant advantage over its rivals.