Aston Martin beats iPhone to 'coolest brand' title


Aston Martin

Car firm Aston Martin has beaten Apple's iPhone in an annual survey of the coolest brands in the UK.

The Warwickshire-based company took top spot in the CoolBrands List 2010, a direct reversal of last year's result when the iPhone topped the chart.

Technology and gadgets feature heavily in the top 10, with Apple taking three spaces in the top 20.

In 2010 it has released the iPad as well as the iPhone 4, although many users complained of signal problems.

Other technology entries include smartphone manufacturer Blackberry at number four, hi-fi company Bang & Olufsen at number five and the Nintendo Wii at number seven.

Expert panel

The chart was drawn up from a list of 1,100 brands which were rated by an panel of 35 'style-makers'.

iPhone 4
Image caption The iPhone was one of Apple's three entries in the chart

After eliminating the less popular brands, more than 2,000 members of the public gave their ratings.

Each brand was rated for style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness.

Helping rate the coolness this year were the likes of fashion designer Ben De Lisi, actress Sadie Frost and rapper Tinie Tempah.

UK designer Vivienne Westwood is the highest fashion entry at number 12, but there are also mentions for Alexander McQueen, who died this year, and shoemaker Jimmy Choo.

In the website stakes, the BBC iPlayer came highest finishing at number 11 and beating YouTube into 15th spot.

'Still cool'

Established luxury brands also hold their own among the technology and internet-related entries.

Chanel, Ferrari and Dom Perignon champagne all make the top 20.

'CoolBrands' survey 2010

    • 1 - Aston Martin
    • 2 - iPhone
    • 3 - iPod
    • 4 - Blackberry
    • 5 - Bang & Olufsen
    • 6 - Harley Davidson
    • 7 - Nintendo Wii
    • 8 - Google
    • 9 - Ferrari
    • 10 - Dom Perignon

In the battle of the celebrity chefs, Heston Blumenthal and his Fat Duck restaurant trump last year's winner, Gordon Ramsay's The Ivy.

"Traditional favourites continue to challenge new, cutting edge brands," says Stephen Cheliotis, from The Centre for Brand Analysis.

"[This] is reflected perfectly by the return of Aston Martin as the coolest brand."

Long associated with the Bond movies, the carmaker's range includes models such as the 190mph V12 Vantage and the £182,000 DBS Volante.