Dizzee Rascal does 'something different' with Shakira


Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal says the track he's recorded with Colombian pop star Shakira will prove any doubters wrong.

He admitted that the collaboration may raise a few eyebrows but said that the song works.

"I know it sounds a bit mad now, but you'll see it and see what's going on," said the rapper.

"It's me doing something different man, on a merengue tip."

Dizzee said recording the song went smoothly, despite it being a last-minute idea.

He said: "Nice girl to work with - it was easy. It was one of those ones off the cuff, 'Oh do you want to work with Shakira, she's in town?... Yeah!'"

'Girl is a nutter'

The rapper jetted to Barcelona last week to shoot the video and says that, predictably, it features a lot of Spanish.

Image caption Shakira between takes in Barcelona, where the Loca video was shot

The track's called Loca and will feature on Shakira's upcoming album, Sale El Sol, due out in November.

Dizzee's lyrics include: "That girl is a nutter / hot though, heat up when I touch her /... I'm loving it / she's got a mean old bumper, you should see what she does with it."

You Got the Dirtee Love, his collaboration with Florence Welch, was a big hit earlier this year and reached number two in the charts.

However, Dizzee said that after finishing Sky talent show Must be the Music - where he's a judge - he's hoping to chill.

"I'm officially not meant to be doing anything - but something will come up", he admitted.