Your Facebook comments: Pakistan cricket betting scam


Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer

Three Pakistani cricketers being investigated over a betting scam are unlikely to play again during the team's tour of England. Police are questioning Salman Butt, Mohammed Asif and Mohammad Amir over claims they deliberately bowled no-balls during the fourth test at Lord's. The ICC's anti-corruption team has been told to look into all the claims urgently.


On Facebook Radio 1 listeners have been having their say on the betting allegations involving three members of the Pakistan team.

  • Keith Stuchbury thinks it might actually be good for cricket, a bit of excitement for once.
  • Roxanne Stanbridge says if found guilty they should be banned for life: "I think it's terribly sad though as the 18-year-old is a talented bowler."
  • Andrew Steeples says Asian bookies are fools for taking bets on when a no-ball will occur. He added: "Thankfully our own bookies aren't as stupid so don't offer odds on stuff like that."
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  • Dan Jacobs says if the allegations are proven, it should be the end of their international careers and an example needs to made of cheats in sport.
  • Andy Stewart thinks their winnings should be given to the flood relief.
  • Martin Nichols is thinking along similar lines saying: "As well as a lifetime ban those found guilty should be handed a substantial fine that goes towards the Pakistan flood appeal."
  • Terry Day says he's gutted. "I especially feel sorry for Stuart Broad and Jonathan Trott whose world record partnership rescued England on day two [of the last test]."