Sway 'one hit away from being global celebrity'



UK hip hop artist Sway says he's working on being a success and is "one hit away from being a global celebrity".

He was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2006, but despite being signed to Akon's label Konvict Muzik, major success has so far eluded him.

That's something Sway insists could change at any moment.

He said: "It's just about the right timing, the right record in the right territory and things will happen."

Sway is still working on the follow-up to his second full length album The Signature LP.

Last year he told Newsbeat that he'd recorded a track with Liverpool player Ryan Babel and called himself an "outcast" from the UK hip hop scene.

He also revealed that he'd collaborated with the likes of label boss Akon, Tinchy Stryder, Neutrino and Craig David.

'I want the world'

The hip hop star says he's still working hard on trying to achieve success.

He said: "When you've got higher aspirations and big expectations on you, you have to do things right and sometimes that takes time.

"I am still with Konvict Muzik. We're still trying to figure out the perfect strategy. Good things take time. I want the world."

As long as I'm alive and as long as I'm still in the studio recording, eventually it's going to happen

Lady Gaga and rapper T-Pain are also signed to Akon's music label.

Sway, 27, says he understands that other acts on the label may be given priority but says he's working hard on his third album.

He said: "One thing you have to learn, being in the situation where you're under such a successful artist - if I think about how busy I am and then I think about Akon's level, you can understand he doesn't have the time to individually push each artist.

"Lady Gaga's big because Lady Gaga - she pushes her own vehicle, she has her own deal.

"Everybody in Konvict who is actually successful is self-made because it's not the kind of label like X Factor or something where they're going to package everything and everything's done and you just walk into that mould. It doesn't work like that.

"As long as I'm alive and as long as I'm still in the studio recording, eventually it's going to happen."