Joss Stone to play virtual Bond Girl in 007:Blood Stone


Joss Stone
Joss Stone set to play virtual Bond girl

UK Grammy Award winning singer Joss Stone is set to make her debut as the newest Bond girl in new computer game James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

As well as co writing 'I'll Take it All' for the game soundtrack, she'll also appear as virtual character Nicole Hunter.

Joss told Newsbeat: "She's like this 'it girl', socialite kind of chick - a jewellery designer who flits around the world meeting people in high places.

"She's a bit of a hard nut as well, which is cool. You know she hangs out with Bond, flirts with him throughout the game, gets herself into trouble.

"It's cool isn't it? I'm just gonna throw that out there every 5 minutes in conversation. Did you know that I'm a Bond girl?"

Virtual Process

I'd stand on this thing with my arms and legs to the side then they'd put me on this round thing and move me a tiny winy little bit..
Joss Stone

The game allows users to think and act like a double-O agent as they embark on a global chase through Athens, Istanbul, Monaco and Bangkok.

"The first thing they did was scan and take a picture of every single inch of me," says Joss.

"They'd put me on this round thing and move me a tiny weeny little bit, take a picture a hundred times and then move me again a tiny weeny little bit. We went round and did that for hours, it's crazy.

"I'm not really a big gamer but I do like to play games, without the guns and stuff. I like things like Crash Bandicoot and kids games with apples and stuff that you have to eat."

Blonde Bond

Joss says her favourite Bond is the one she grew up with, Piers Brosnan.

"My mum loves Sean Connery, and the young people of today would say Daniel Craig. He does do a good job though doesn't he?

"When he first was picked to do the Bond thing I was like oh no no no ohno, we cannot have a blond Bond, it's just not ok.

"Then I watched it and I changed my mind immediately. Ah, it was brilliant."

007: Blood Stone voice talent

    • Joss Stone
    • Daniel Craig
    • Judi Dench

Joss Stone recently collaborated with Damian Marley, Nas and Lil Wayne on the track 'My Generation', "Bless Lil Wayne, I didn't meet him but apparently he's lovely."

"I'm just chilling out after this, doing a gig at my mums place in Devon in exeter and really I'm just chilling."

James Bond 007: Blood Stone for the Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 System, Windows PC and Nintendo DS™ will be out later this summer.