50 Cent slims down for film role


50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent has spoken for the first time about losing more than 50lbs in weight for a new film role.

He dropped from 214lbs to just 160lbs in less than three months.

The Detroit star, real name Curtis Jackson, put himself on a liquids-only diet and intensive training programme in order to get into character for a part in Things Fall Apart.

Speaking to Detroit radio station Hot 102.7 he said: "I had a short time to lose the weight. Whereas with other projects...Tom Hanks in Philladelpia... Christian Bale (they) had huge windows of time to lose weight. I had to do it during my UK tour."

Gaining weight

Having recently completed filming for the film, which he wrote, Jackson is working on a new album.

Speaking about the weight loss he added: "I'm getting my weight back a little bit - I've been in the gym.

"The third week was hard for me to function because I'd previously been on a liquid diet for six weeks when I got shot. I got to the third week and it was really hard to focus."

The movie, which chronicles the life of a NFL player diagnosed with cancer, is due out in late 2010.

"It was inspired by the loss of one of my friends growing up," he explained.