Red Dead Redemption hoping for 'emotional response'


Marston character

If you believe the hype, one of the biggest video games out this year is hitting shelves across the UK this weekend.

Red Dead Redemption is the latest release from video game pioneers Rockstar, the people behind the Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt series.

This new open world game has already topped pre-order charts and follows an ex-outlaw making his way through the American Wild West.

We put some of your questions (as well as some of our own) to Lazlow, one of the game's developers and the radio DJ featured in the GTA games. Here's what he had to say.


Bonnie MacFarlane character
Image caption RDR is set in the Wild West and took about five years to produce
'Irish' character
Image caption Lazlow thinks it's got easier to make less 'politically correct' games