Johnny 'Sticky' Budden shows Newsbeat how to freerun


Jumping over walls, rolling down steps, vaulting over pretty much anything in his way, that's how Johnny "Sticky" Budden is making his way from John O'Groats in Scotland to Paris.

He's using the art of freerunning, or parkour, to make his way along the 1,000 mile route, starting on Saturday (in the snow) with a gruelling 100 mile 'ultra-marathon'.

He's already made it to Inverness, but admits on his Twitter account (@Stickyparkour) that he's finding it tough: "Wow. Hold tight. Feeling slightly achey, in pain, stiff, and wrecked from doing five marathons in three days."

Before he set off, he told Newsbeat why he's raising money for motor neurone disease.

"They lose the ability to move, it's my worst nightmare. When I'm training at 5.30 in the morning, I've been running 30 miles, my legs are aching, I've got cuts all over my hands from training I'm like, this isn't pain, it's nothing.

"They can't move, they've got to wink their eyes to say yes or no, I'm just powering on."

He's performed for royalty, worked on major films with the likes of Jude Law and trained the Royal Marines, so we asked him to show Newsbeat reporter Karlene Pinnock a few of the basic moves.

This was done under the complete supervision of Johnny and we'd ask you not to try this on your own without training.