Jamie T back from illness exile


Jamie T
Image caption Jamie T returns to live action in the UK in 2010

It came as Jamie T was building up a head of steam.

At the end of September, midway through an Australian tour, he suffered "an intense bout of laryngitis".

Just as his world tour was cranking into action all tour dates for the rest of 2009, including a UK jaunt, had to be postponed. Understandably, he was left deflated.

Following the medical news he took himself off to NYC to see some friends and watch TV, it's there where he's been for the autumn.

Jamie T
Image caption Jamie T onstage at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals

"I was told not to speak to anyone who wasn't in touching distance for about two months," he says.

"I lost three quarters of my vocal range - I was shouting too much when I was playing live.

"It wasn't really that dramatic; it's been frustrating not being able to do anything - thankfully all the fans have been patient and supportive of us taking this time off."

Critical praise

The thought of returning to action - the rescheduled tour begins again on Boxing Day - is keeping his spirits high though.

As is the reception of his second album Kings & Queens.

On its release in September the LP bagged a brace of positive reviews and is currently making regular appearances in the music press's end of year lists.

I like my life and my privacy. I don't like putting myself out there too much it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable
Jamie T

"If you listen to [the press] you're in a bad way," he says. "I'd rather listen to people at shows. I really care about that."

Indeed, another thing the Wimbledon songwriter does care about is keeping himself out of the limelight. You won't find him nano-blogging on Twitter or waltzing down the red carpet at any film premieres.

"I just like writing songs and making albums," he concludes.

"I like my life and my privacy. I don't like putting myself out there too much, it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

"I certainly like writing music and that's as far as it goes, I don't have an urge to be recognised."

Jamie T begins his rescheduled UK tour on 19 January in Nottingham.

Jamie T's new EP, The Man's Machine, is out now