Tinchy: 'File-sharing is wrong'


Tinchy Stryder

Music stars have met in London to come up with plans for dealing with illegal downloaders. They decided it would be too harsh to ask for the internet connections of persistent file-sharers to be totally cut off and instead said bandwidth should be "squeezed" after two warnings. Number 1 star Tinchy Stryder says he thinks file-sharing is wrong but says it can useful to promote new music.


I think it's wrong. I defintely think it's wrong. Obviously I understand from certain people's point of view, as they're coming up it might not be time to sell their music, it's cool to give out for free to get your fanbase and to spread the music.

At the same time, people put in a lot of work. A lot of hard work goes in. When you hear that's happening in music, I just don't think it's right.

People who achieve so much at certain levels believe that there should be a law, because it doesn't matter to them. They can give everything out for free if they want by that stage. So I don't think it's right.

It's not going to hurt Jay-Z but at the same time it's the music. He's making the music. That's what he does. That's his life. That's like me telling you because you work and you do this, you've got this already, so they shouldn't pay you.

It's just people's work. In other situations it works out for people. It works for promotions when you're up and coming. At the same time, overall, I think it is wrong. I really believe it's not right.

Slowing people's broadband could work. That's a good idea. It could work. Maybe knocking it off completely, I don't know.

How should illegal file-sharers be punished?