Big Brother: Meet this year's 'Power Trip' housemates

6 June 2014 Last updated at 22:32

Producers say this year's Big Brother is offering housemates the chance to influence, twist and control events.
Marlon Wallen
More housemates have been added to the Big Brother house. Among the additions is Marlon Wallen who describes himself as a flirty jack-the-lad. The 22-year-old says he spends all his money on his appearance and going out clubbing.
Jale Karaturp
He's joined by Jale Karaturp, who claims she "can't live with people, it's a proven fact". She currently works as a customer adviser.
Ashleigh Coyle
At 18, Ashleigh Coyle is the youngest housemate this year. Her dream job would be to become a well known model "but I know the chances of that are slim".
Chris R Wright
Chris R Wright is an actor who wants to go into the house for the "free rent, to lose weight and I can't afford therapy". He also sells works of art drawn in biro.
Ash Harrison
Model Ash Harrison, 27, from Manchester openly admits to being lazy and says his looks have given him "an easy, blessed life filled with women".
Toya A Washington
Completing the line-up of new housemates is Toya Washington. Her favourite motto is "don’t come for me unless I send for you".
Emma Willis
Emma Willis launched this year's show. She'll be joined by Rylan Clark for Big Brother's Bit On the Side, with Iain Lee and Luisa Zissman joining Clark for Big Brother's Bit On The Psych on Saturday nights.
Helen Wood
Twenty-seven-year-old Helen Wood from Bolton hit the headlines three years ago when she was involved in a tabloid scandal involving a Premier League footballer. She describes herself as "the class clown" and says she's been celibate for almost a year.
Pauline Bennett
At 49, Pauline Bennett is this year's oldest housemate. She had a promising music career in the early 90s and featured on Kylie Minogue's Shocked as Jazzy P.
Mark Byron
Liverpudlian Mark Byron received £5,000 within an hour of being in the house after Pauline was voted to be the "power housemate" and given a "power trip" to choose housemates to punish and reward.
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies, 23, was on the receiving end of Pauline's punishment and was completely excluded from the first night of the show.
Kimberly Kisselovich
Other housemates include Californian Kimberly Kisselovich, a Playboy Bunny who also works as a lawyer.
Danielle McMahon
Danielle McMahon says she lives her life by strict Catholic values. The lingerie model doesn't believe in gay marriage but says she isn't homophobic.
Winston Showan
Essex boy Winston Showan, 27, says he spends all his money "on the lads and chasing the ladies".
Tamara Stewart-Wood
Tamara Stewart-Wood, 24, ran away from home at 16 with a Streetball Extreme player and says she usually goes for "guys with a six pack that are really fit but thick".
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall is one of the four 23-year-olds in the house. The self-confessed opinionated journalism student from London says he'll miss 24 hour social interaction.
Steven Goode
Steven Goode, 23, says his best trait is his generosity. He said: "I am extremely generous, spend stupid amounts of money and I’m always the first one at the bar to buy people drinks."