In pictures: Newsbeat listeners test PS4 and Xbox One

22 November 2013 Last updated at 07:53

Newsbeat listeners Simon and Tim try out the new Sony and Microsoft consoles.
Simon and Tim
Microsoft and Sony are set to go head to head with the launch of their next-gen consoles. The Xbox One was released on Thursday night and Sony’s PlayStation 4 comes out in the UK on 29 November. It's the first time the two rivals have launched simultaneously, so Newsbeat asked PlayStation fan Simon, 22, (left) and Xbox user Tim, 19, to meet at IGN Entertainment to give their verdict of the consoles.
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Sony say the PlayStation 4 (top) “puts gamers first” while Microsoft describe the Xbox One an “all-in-one” entertainment system. The Xbox is more expensive at £429, compared to the PlayStation’s £349 price tag. Simon and Tim said the home screens of both consoles were easier to use than the old Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Tim wasn’t sure if he’d use all the features on the Xbox but they were useful to have.
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers
Both consoles come with new controllers. Simon said that the PS4 controller was much lighter than the PS3 one but it felt bigger to hold. He also said he liked the light panel on top but that it might take a while to get used to the touch pad. Tim liked the Xbox controller and said it was easier to use than the one that comes with the Xbox 360.
Tim playing Ryse
Tim played Ryse: Son of Rome on the Xbox. Even though it's not his usual choice in game he said being able to use voice recognition and improved graphics meant he enjoyed it straight away.
Simon playing Killzone
The attention to detail in Killzone: Shadow Fall helped Simon become “more engaged” with the game. He said the graphics had improved since PS3 but that some parts of the game were difficult to navigate and weren’t very well explained.
Daniel, games editor at IGN, playing on the consoles
Some parts were too confusing but Daniel, the games editor at IGN, gave Simon a hand. Daniel thinks there is room for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 to be a success, despite a fierce rivalry and the games console market already being very competitive.
PlayStation camera and Xbox Kinect
Gamers can interact with both consoles. The Xbox Kinect (bottom) comes bundled with the Xbox One while the PlayStation Camera comes at an extra cost.
Simon is scanned by the PlayStation 4 Camera
Simon thought the setup of the PlayStation 4 Camera took a bit too long but liked how responsive it was once it was working. He also thought some the features were a bit childish for serious gamers.
XBox One home screen
Tim said the Xbox One’s voice recognition was promising but it took too long for certain phrases to get picked up and more complicated words didn’t get recognised at all.
Tim and Simon
The gamers said they could see improvement in both of the consoles. Simon said he hoped other PlayStation 4 games would be easier to navigate than Killzone: Shadow Four and was excited to play some of the indie games being released on the console. Tim wanted to see some updates to the interactivity of the Xbox One but said he was impressed with the gaming quality. However, they both said they would wait until a price drop before buying the consoles.