In pictures: Winners of the Golden Joystick awards 2013

25 October 2013 Last updated at 17:35

As Grand Theft Auto V wins game of the year - see who the other winners are at this year's gaming award ceremony.
Grand Theft Auto V
The Golden Joystick Awards winners have been announced. The ceremony was held at The Westminster Park Plaza, London. Organisers say this year saw a record-breaking 10 million votes from gamers. Grand Theft Auto V won game of the year. Already the fastest-selling video game of all-time it pipped one of the other big winners of the day, The Last of Us, to the gong.
The Last of Us
Instead, The Last of Us walked away with two awards, taking home best newcomer and best storytelling.
Ken Levine
The best visual design award went to BioShock Infinite. The game's creator Ken Levine (pictured) also won new category special lifetime achievement. He said: "It's a little scary, because a lifetime achievement award means you're done and I'm not ready to be done yet. The industry is going into a stage of rapid change, digital distribution and simpler development tools are lowering the barrier of entry for young creative people."
Witcher 3
The winner of the most wanted award was Witcher 3, the game was up against the likes of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.
Mark of the Ninja
Best indie game award went to Mark of the Ninja whilst best multiplayer award winner was Payday 2.
Far Cry
Best gaming moment was Far Cry. Call of Duty was honoured with the Hall of Fame award as the most iconic shooter around. The gaming series has sold well over 160 million copies worldwide.
Lauren Lambert
Call of Duty fan model Lauren Lambert was at the ceremony. The winner of Britain and Ireland’s next top model 2013 said: "I’m very good for a female gamer. My older brother introduced me to first person shooters. I try to fit in at least an hour playing in the evening. When I talk about games, other models are like… Pardon?!"
Oculus Rift
Innovation of the year award winner was Oculus Rift for its virtual reality headset (pictured). Studio of the year award winner was Naughty Dog.
World of Tanks
Best online game award went to World of Tanks. Best handheld game winner was Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. It was up against the likes of Persona 4 Golden and Hotline Miami its category.
Mark Turpin
Mark Turpin from Yogscast was at the ceremony to pick up the award for winner of YouTube gamer of the year. He said: "It’s very flattering and very appreciated. Gaming is the second biggest search term on YouTube. People are using demos less and less and they’re using YouTube as their way to see how good a game is before they buy it."
The best gaming platform winner was Steam. XCOM was named best Mobile/Tablet game of the year. It was up against Ridiculous Fishing and Super Hexagon in the same category.