New Big Brother house for 2013 is revealed

10 June 2013 Last updated at 16:47

Pictures of the new eco-friendly Big Brother: Secrets & Lies house have been released ahead of Thursday's launch show.
Entry Staircase
Housemates will be greeted by a huge feature wall containing recycled life-size front doors as they enter the house.
But what do they signify and what lies behind them?
Vegetable Patch
Contestants will be encouraged to tend and live off the vegetable patch they will discover in the garden.
Outdoor Seating
This year there is no swimming pool, no hot tub, no sauna and no inside bath or shower...
Tree House
But housemates do have a two-storey tree house in the garden to play in.
Living Area
Every move will be recorded with 27 remote-controlled cameras, 12 fixed cameras, five manned cameras and 10 infra-red cameras.
There is also a tower cam that will provide sweeping views across the garden.
Energy Bike
Makers say the new house is "not a hotel" and provides a tougher environment than ever before.
Kitchen seating
An eco-style living space features up-cycled bespoke furniture and fittings.
Mirror Cams
Fifty-seven camera mirrors have been strategically positioned across the house, making it impossible to hide.