Muse star went to 'dark place' in battle with alcohol

Muse drummer Dominic Howard says it feels like the band has a "new member" after bassist Chris Wolstenholme recently revealed he had overcome problems with alcohol.

Howard said his bandmate had been sober for three years, but had fought problems privately for "10 years".

"The last album it felt like he wasn't there as much - physically, as well as, mentally," Howard said.

Wolstenholme recently admitted that he "never went on stage 100% sober".

Howard confirmed the group had intervened with their bandmate's problem.

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'Dark place'

Speaking to Newsbeat, Howard said: "It took a long time to really recover from something like that when you've really gone to a pretty dark place.

"[For this new album] he was clean so it felt like we had a new person in the band again - it felt like the three of us were working really well together.

"It feels completely different these days and it's great for it. He's a changed man like I said - he's a lot more open. Just more communicative with his feelings."

Wolstenholme has recently opened up about his drinking in a handful of magazine interviews.

He told Q magazine: "I never went on stage 100% sober. It wasn't a glamorous thing; it was pure dependency. I always drank five or six beers beforehand.

"I don't think I realised how much it affected Matt and Dom, my wife, my kids."

The 33-year-old bass player takes lead vocals on two tracks on the band's new record.

Muse release their sixth album, The 2nd Law, this week (1 October).