Ed Sheeran and Plan B share their views on file-sharing

17 September 2012 Last updated at 06:27

Ed Sheeran, Rizzle Kicks and Plan B reveal their feelings on file-sharing.
Ed Sheeran
According to a new report Ed Sheeran’s debut album + was the most pirated album of the first half of 2012. But the singer says he’s found a “decent balance” between people downloading his music for free and selling concert tickets.
Rizzle Kicks
Brighton duo Rizzle Kicks had the second most torrented album of the first half of 2012. Jordan from the band said: "It's adapt or die in the music industry. I'm not earning the money, but we are earning the coverage. It's morally bad."
Plan B
Rapper and singer Plan B says all the music on his personal music devices has been paid for. “I feel like someone in my position really needs to support rather than thinking, ‘What can I get for free?’” he says.
Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott says she thinks file-sharing is "terrible". She reckons: "The music industry is getting worse - I don't know where it's going to end. I personally love going and buying the CD and playing it around the house."
Keyboard player with Leeds band Alt-J, Gus Unger-Hamilton says: "You see your album as a calling card. Hopefully people will torrent the album but then come to a show. You can survive as a band even in the age of pirating."
Jessie Ware
Jessie Ware, whose debut album Devotion nominated for this year’s Mercury Prize, says she “doesn’t condone” file-sharing. She added: “The people who were going to download it were never going to buy it anyway.”
The Maccabees
“I think music is something which should be appreciated,” says guitarist Felix White from indie-rockers The Maccabees. “Even if it’s a tiny amount - it’s worth paying for.”