Leeds Festival: Fans ready for action on first day

24 August 2012 Last updated at 17:18

Fans at the Leeds Festival tell us who they're looking forward to seeing and what they think so far.
Helena Pearse, Caitlin Smith and Dominique Jones
Helena Pearse, 21, from Birmingham, Caitlin Smith, 20, from Leeds, and Dominique Jones, 20, from Lincolnshire: "It's my first festival, so I'm quite excited," admits Dominique. "They're introducing me to everything. We'll see Foo Fighters later on which will be quite good fun."
Chris Houghton and Daniel Banks
Chris Houghton and Daniel Banks, both 21 and from Manchester: "I'm really enjoying the weather because it was meant to be raining. I want to see the Maccabees," says Chris.
Camilla Lader and Hayley Walker
Camilla Lader, 32, from Manchester and Hayley Walker, 26, from near Wigan: "We only came today," says Helen. "We got a day ticket. We're heading up to the main stage, and the sun's come out. We're here for Foo Fighters."
Aimee-Jade Tiffin-Mcguirk, Rebecca Hamilton, Ella Worthy
Aimee-Jade Tiffin-Mcguirk, Rebecca Hamilton and Ella Worthy, all 17 and from Preston: "We've been here since Wednesday so we're feeling a bit grim," says Ella. "We went to see Rudimental last night. He was really good. I want to see Maccabees and Florence + the Machine."
Tom Howarth, Steven Taylor and Rees Parkinson
Tom Howarth, Steven Taylor and Rees Parkinson, all 21 and from Chorley: "The weather's nicer than we expected," says Tom. "We brought wellies but we don't really need them. I'm here to see the Foo Fighters, Feeder, The Cure. We've come for a full camping weekend. The camping's cool, it's like another world."
Rochelle Fairhorst, Dec Norris, Lauren Rimmer and Nathan Dunfom
Rochelle Fairhorst, 20, Dec Norris, 21, Lauren Rimmer, 20, and Nathan Dunfom, 21, all from Chorley: "I want to see Black Keys," says Dec. "The camping's in a good location, unless it rains." "We're loving it," says Rochelle. "We went for a wander last night. It's all good."
Carmen Luu, Will Roberts, Beth Arbicle, Richard Major and Julia Craggs
Carmen Luu, Will Roberts, Beth Arbicle, Richard Major and Julia Craggs, all 16 and from Leeds: "I'm here to see Kasabian," says Richard. "We're going to see Two Door Cinema Club later." "We went to the silent disco last night, that was fun," adds Julia.