On board the Royal Navy's biggest warship HMS Ocean

14 August 2012 Last updated at 07:22

Check out pictures of HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy ship which is spending two months in London during the Olympics and Paralympics.
HMS Ocean
A month into its two-month stay at Greenwich on the River Thames in London, Newsbeat has gained access to the Royal Navy's largest warship - HMS Ocean.
Flight deck of HMS Ocean
During the Olympics around three helicopter launches were made each day from the flight deck of HMS Ocean. The crews have been helping police to carry out security checks over London.
HMS Ocean's hangar
HMS Ocean has been home to around 900 military personnel who've been involved in helping with security during the Olympics. They'll stay in London until after the Paralympics.
HMS Ocean's hangar
The hangar of the amphibious assault ship is used to store helicopters, other equipment and also as a gym for the crew. Special events like film screenings also take place in the hangar.
Bridge of HMS Ocean
The bridge is the area where the ship's main navigation systems are located. HMS Ocean's home port is Devonport in Plymouth and it was built in the mid-1990s.
Control station on HMS Ocean
This is one of the ships control points. It's used to detect emergencies, like a fire on board. HMS Ocean was sent to the Mediterranean last year as Allied forces bombed Libya.