The world of Russian President Vladimir Putin

2 August 2012 Last updated at 15:08

Vladimir Putin is here to talk to David Cameron about Syria, but what do we know about the Russian President?
Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin is on his first trip to Britain in seven years. A black belt in judo himself, he's here to watch the Olympic final stages of the martial arts competition and to meet with David Cameron. It's hoped the two leaders can talk about Syria. Two weeks ago, Russia and China disagreed with the latest attempt by the UN to tackle the conflict.
Vladimir Putin
At 59, the president is a keen sportsman. Here, he meets a judo group at the Moscow sports complex in 2010. He has also released a judo DVD: Learn judo with Vladimir.
Vladimir Putin
The ex-KGB agent (Soviet Union's former secret service) was also photographed on holiday in Siberia in 2009, riding a horse bare chested, snapping twigs and swimming in a lake.
Vladimir Putin
In the past, the judo master was also known to have dived to the bottom of the world's deepest lake, Lake Baikal, in a submarine. He has also been photographed tranquilising tigers in the wild.
Vladimir Putin and Leonardo DiCaprio
Back in 2010, when he was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin praised Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio for donating $1m (£635,000) at a St Petersburg summit on saving tigers.
Vladimir Putin
Last year, the father of two daughters, came roaring into a Russian biker's festival on a Harley Davison and described leather-clad bikers as "brothers."
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia in 2000. He served two terms as president before becoming prime minister for four-years. He then became president again earlier this year, although opposition groups have accused him of vote rigging.
The Queen and Vladimir Putin
The Queen and Vladimir Putin leave in an open carriage in London in 2003. The last time he was in Britain was in 2005 when he attended the G8 summit at Gleneagles. Relations between the UK and Russia have been strained since the murder of a former KGB agent and Putin critic Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.
Pussy Riot
Now, there's another disagreement between the two countries. Eleven British music artists, including Jarvis Cocker and Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand, are calling on President Putin to release Russian punk band Pussy Riot, who are on trial for performing an anti-government song in Moscow. The three singers, who are pictured behind bars, are charged with hooliganism.