Olympics sports over the years in pictures

27 July 2012 Last updated at 09:00

See some of the sports set to be included in future Olympics and some of the more unusual ones that have disappeared.
Tug of War competition
A number of minority sports and events have been dropped from the Olympics over the years. Tug of War (pictured at the 1908 London games) is one of them. Others that have disappeared are rope climbing, polo and the swimming obstacle race (held once in 1900 in Paris).
Jordanian taekwondo athletes
The Olympics used to have demonstration events where sports would try to raise their profile and possibly get a chance of one day becoming an official Olympic sport. The last time this happened was in 1992 where taekwondo was a demo sport. It became a full medal sport at Sydney in 2000.
Tiger Woods
The world's most famous golfer could one day end up getting an Olympic medal to add to his trophy cabinet. From 2016 the sport is to be included in the Rio Olympics. Golf featured in two of the earliest games, in 1900 and 1904, before being dropped.
Owen Farrell
Rugby Union stars like England's Owen Farrell could feature in the stripped down 7s version of the sport, which will also appear in 2016. The full version of the sport used to be included but was dropped after the 1924 games. The International Olympic Committee has the final say on what's included in the world's biggest sporting event.
Synchronised swimmers
Team and duet synchronised swimming is still part of the Olympics but the solo version of the sport is one of the most recent events to have been dropped. It was included in 1984 to 1992 but then dropped for the Atlanta Games in 1996.
Natasha Jonas
Female boxing is included in the Olympic programme for the first time at London 2012. Some of the British boxers competing include Nicola Adams, Natasha Jonas (pictured) and Savannah Marshall.