Teenagers taught first aid during live Facebook party

19 July 2012 Last updated at 10:27

The British Red Cross holds the first live interactive party on Facebook to teach first aid to teenagers.
Fake garden
The British Red Cross says it's teamed up with Facebook to become the first charity to try out a new way of teaching first aid to teenagers.
Living room on stage set
A house party was streamed live on the social network and those watching were asked how they'd respond to emergency scenarios. The British Red Cross says 14,000 people watched the event.
Fake bathroom on stage set
The house was built inside a disused nightclub. Teenagers were invited to attend and watch online while actors played out situations where first aid was necessary.
Stage set
The charity says it's the first time a party has been streamed live on Facebook, where people have been able to interact as it happens. They voted on what action they thought was needed to deal with each scenario.
Fake kitchen on stage set
After speaking to more than 1,700 11 to 18-year-olds, the British Red Cross said almost half told them they felt unsure about how to deal with a friend who had drunk too much alcohol.
Cameras showing Facebook streaming
Two thirds said they wouldn't know what to do if a friend was hurt in a fight or hit by a car. But not everyone was impressed with the broadcast. Becky posted: "You need to sort out the mics." Liam said it was a complete waste of his time.
Actor plays role of drunk teenager
The charity says it hopes using social networks to teach first aid will help make it more relevant and useful to teenagers. All the housemates were played by actors.